Certified Credit Consultant Training and Business Opportunity

A Unique Business and Career Opportunity 
to Become a Certified Credit Consultant™


Make a Great Income providing the following Programs to your Clients:

  •  Credit Education 
  • Credit and Debt Consulting 
  • Credit Repair
  • Establishing Credit
  • Debt Settlement
  • Extreme Credit Repair Program
  • Business Credit Program


You will receive your Training from the Master Credit Expert, Valeri A. James and her experienced trainers: 

3 Days of Extensive Training including:


     Training Manual

     Resource Manual

     Credit Report Manual

     Marketing and Advertising Manual

      Testimonials Manual 

NEW Extreme Credit Repair Program Manual 

      Additional Marketing Materials

    Extensive hands-on training

     Certification Test

     Certification Plaque 

License to use Certified Credit Consultant trade name

  4 days/3 nights Hotel stay with full hot breakfast  

   Transportation from Airport/Hotel/Training Facility 

In-Person Training $5,900  

Fast Track Program™ - purchase the training manuals/materials for only $2,700 ($500 down)  

 Online Training includes Manuals and Materials $5,600

 We come to You - if you have 3 or more people $6200/pp 



Also if you attend the training, you get the following for 30 days FREE with the Support Package:

3 Monthly Support Packages are available.  Some of what they include are:

  • Consulting support and time with Simple Solutions Training Team
  • Website with great content
  • Website Hosting
  • Lead Generation Forms
  • Custom template development available
  • E-Newsletter for hands-free client follow up
  • Client Log In Portal 24/7
  • Referring Agent Log In Portal 24/7
  • Fully optimized for search engines.
  • Content Development assistance available.
  • Aggressive Search Engine Marketing services available.
  • Templates, Documents and Forms with new updates.
  • Marketing and Advertising Materials and help.
  • Unlimited amount of leads all over the United States.
  • Have Access to and Fully understand the State and Federal Laws.

Your website will receive placement on Simple Solution’s corporate webpage.

In addition, you will also receive exclusive discounts on graphic design and marketing services including logo design, business card design, HTML e-mail stationary and more.

Use of the SimpleDocc Automated Credit Repair Software  

Credit Consultant Training ManualCustom Designed Software Package increases productivity and saves you time:

Makes your work extremely easy and paperwork a breeze  

(Eliminating having to 'outsource' your paperwork to some unknown company) 

Stay in contact with your clients

Obtain forms directly through our library of forms and documents

Web based software can be accessed from any location

Can review work history with just a click

Updates and additions as designed

Client results charts and graphs 

Marketing and Advertising Materials *

Marketing materials, brochures, programs, CDs, Power Point Presentations, and other Educational Materials currently available and as designed

Updates on changes or additions to the Federal Laws

One to One Consulting with Simple Solutions *

Direct support with Simple Solutions Training Team & Valeri A. James, Founder & President 

Email and Phone Support monthly


Monthly Subscriptions *

Subscription to the Simple Solution’s Monthly Newsletter 

Forward Subscriptions to internet access of Credit, Debt, Financial Newsletters

Total Investment for this Business Opportunity
Think this is impossible; just ask your local mortgage company:

 “How many clients do you turn down each month because of credit scores under 640?" 

Also ask them: “If I were to be able to help your clients improve their credit scores, will you refer your clients to me?"

By helping their clients, the loan officer will make more money by closing more loans!  This is a win-win-win situation for everyone… the client, the loan officer and YOU!

By building valuable relationships with just 4 to 5 mortgage offices, you could receive several leads per week from each of these offices!

Limited Time only $5,900 (was $6,995) 

Or purchase Training Manuals and Materials for only $2700

(Payment options are available for both programs)  

(This business opportunity is very affordable considering what other business opportunities and franchises are charging these days.  Most are $20k or more, and you must have a high net worth.  This business does not require you to have any certain net worth, or experience).  This business is extremely high in-demand

You can see how easy it is to make well over $200 to $1,000+ per hour in this consulting business.  

Play with the numbers below yourself:

2 single clients per week @ $900 each =  $1,800 week x 4 weeks/month =  $7,200 month

2 couples per week @ $1500 each      =  $3,000 week x 4 weeks/month =  $12,000 month

So you can see how easy it is to make well over $7,000 plus per month and $500 plus per hour

(This is based on working with your clients for 1+ hours each)   

 Register today to save your seat in the next upcoming training class 1.888.303.7722

(Disclaimer – of course, Simple Solutions cannot guarantee what an average consultant can make per week or month.  It will depend on your personal ability, drive, marketing and how much time you devote to your business.  Some consultants work 2 days per week, some 5 days per week or more.  This will be your own business, you set your schedule.   We tried to figure these as low numbers but you may obtain more or less single/individual clients per week or more or less couples/multiple people per week which can change your weekly or monthly figures.  If you have too much business, you can hire someone to do all of the data entry and paperwork for you).


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