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Our mission and passion is to help consumers who are experiencing credit and debt problems obtain great credit again, save money and have a brighter  financial future.  We help people have better credit reports, higher credit scores, get out of debt, and learn their consumer rights so they are more empowered with the facts and laws!  Simple Solutions really cares about our clients and gives a more personalized credit and debt consulting service.  We can take care of clients in all 50 states.

10 Reasons of Why we are Different than any other Credit Repair Company

  • We provide more personalized service treating you like our family, not just a number like the internet companies with call centers do. Plus we can meet clients face to face or over the phone.
  • We provide educational information to help you maintain your good credit once we help you to improve it. Having higher credit scores saves you a ton of money!
  • You will always speak to the same experienced Certified Credit Consultant™ signed to your case so that you feel comfortable and not have to explain something all over again on each phone call.
    We can answer ALL of your questions, even the most difficult situations that you are having problems with. Our goal is an educated client will make wiser financial choices for years to come. Be empowered, take control of your life!
  • We will not drag your case out for 2 years and longer to get everything done like most internet companies. We will dispute all derogatory inaccurate or unverifiable information immediately so you can see results in as soon as 30 days. This saves you hundreds of dollars also!
  • Our offices and staff are local so you can call or stop in at any time. Get to know your highly trained and experienced consultant. Most of our clients end up being our friends and have been blessed to have so many over the years!
  • Family or friends need help but speak Spanish? Our consultants can help them. Plus all of our documents are in Spanish and English as well as our educational materials and our very own Credit & Debt eBook that we give to all clients for FREE to help educate our clients.
    Unlike the other companies that just do credit repair, our passion and commitment to you is to provide additional services just in case you need it: Credit Education; Credit & Debt Consulting; Credit Identity Theft help; Stopping Collection Calls and Harassment; Debt Options; Debt Settlement; Budgeting and Prioritizing your Debts; What to do if you get sued; Consumer Rights and more.
  • We can actually stop collection calls and help you to resolve any outstanding debts that you may have. Credit Repair is only part of the equation to improve your credit reports and raise your credit scores but what about the debts? Learn your legal options to see if you really have to pay your debts and if you do how you can settle them for 20% to 30% saving you a ton of money. We are the only company who will advise you on all of your 9 options. Sad but true! We even help you to determine what the best, logical option(s) is/are based on your own unique personal situation, to help prevent you from being sued.
  • We want to save you way more money than what we charge you!! Clients tell us that we are cheaper to use than those other internet companies that charge $99/down and $59/month. Don’t be fooled with a low start up fee because their intention is to drag you out for over 2 years costing you about twice what we charge. We really do care about you and will do everything to make you happy with our services. And if you are happy… you will end up referring other people to us, and that makes everyone HAPPY!!

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