“Thank you again for all your great information to help us get our lives going the right direction.”

Bill & Rose/ Arizona

“I consulted Valeri before buying my first house and I’m so glad I did. Her proven method of credit restoration and education helped me boost my credit score to the level it needed to be in order to get the deal I wanted. Her service was top notch, highly ethical and professional. It’s a testament to the success of her program that I will never need her services again, but if I did, I would certainly go to her before anyone else, and I would recommend to anyone who desires to improve their credit that they do the same.”

T. I./ Prescott, Arizona

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us.  It really saved us from losing our home and being in financial ruin.  Your job makes a huge impact on people’s lives and gives them hope that they can start over.  We can’t say thanks enough”

Craig and Sally / Colorado

Testimonials of Happy Clients

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“With Valeri’s (Simple Solutions) help I was able to bring my credit score up from literally nothing to over 700 points.  She was able to remove the majority of the damaging items and showed me the best way to rebuild my credit.  Everything she told me worked perfect! Thank you!”

Lisa C. / Arizona

“Thanks so much!  What I love about you is that you did and still do empower me and you give me hope.  You are a therapist/lawyer/credit consultant all wrapped up in one positive package.”

S. Kane / Illinois


“Keep up doing this fine service to all who are so fortunate to have your expert assistance.”

JS and DS / Arizona

“Thanks so much for all your help. I would be lost without your expert advice!  All the best!”

M.D. / Arizona

“Thank you sooooo much for meeting with me today. All of your information was very helpful.”

Heather M. / Arizona


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